Visiting Westminster

MPs are able to arrange tours of the Palace of Westminster for their constituents. These tours are free of charge, but spaces do fill up very quickly so it is best to contact Teresa at least a couple of months in advance. More information about tours of the Parliamentary estate is available on the Parliament website.

Please use the general advice contact page to let us know when you would like a tour (we’ll need possible dates and times) and for how many people.

Clock Tower tours

Big Ben tours for UK residents will be free for the remainder of this Parliament. More information about what Big Ben tours involve is available on the Parliament website.

Please note there are some age and health restrictions to climbing the Clock Tower and there are also security checks. If you would like to go on a Clock Tower tour, please use the general advice contact page and provide possible dates, the number of people who would like to attend, names, addresses, dates of birth and birthplace information. Please note Clock Tours are very popular and will need to be booked far in advance to allow for the necessary security checks.

See how Parliament works from the Gallery

MPs are given two gallery tickets on a rotational basis and demand is very heavy. Tickets from MPs are necessary to gain access during popular times, such as Prime Minister’s Questions or Budget statements, but at other off-peak times may not be necessary. More information is available from the Parliament website.

If you are planning a trip to Westminster and would like tickets for the Gallery please use the general advice contact page to get in touch and we will try to accommodate you as much as possible.