Being an MP

The job of an MP is to represent their constituents in Parliament. MPs take up issues on behalf of their constituents or point them in the right direction if their enquiry should be dealt with by another body.

This section contains information about what Teresa can, and cannot do for you as your MP. More detailed information is available in the House of Commons factsheet ‘You and your MP’.

Role of an MP

Teresa is there to represent the interests of all the people of Erith and Thamesmead, regardless of their political views, with all matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible. As an MP she can support, oppose or try to improve new legislation put forward by the Government.

If there are matters you want Teresa to pursue on your behalf, the most effective way is to write to her giving all the relevant details including any reference numbers. Information on how to contact her is available here.

Please bear in mind that Teresa is likely to send a photocopy of your letter or email to whoever the relevant person/organisation is, together with a covering letter of her own asking them to comment or investigate.

MPs are inundated with postal and email inquiries, so while it might not be possible to send an immediate reply, every effort will be made to answer urgent matters quickly.