General Advice

Your local MP is there to help when ordinary services break down. MPs may be able to help if the law needs changing or if an MP’s advocacy can make the official processes work more effectively.

Before contacting your MP, you would be strongly advised to ensure that you have exhausted conventional routes:

  • Money matters: For help with tax, benefits, pensions, national insurance visit Direct Gov.
  • Consumer issues: If you’ve been sold faulty goods or feel that you’ve been cheated or treated badly by a supplier, contact the Government-funded consumer advice service Consumer Direct.
  • Legal issues: If you’re unhappy with a decision by a court contact Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service. If you need legal advice contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or look for local legal centres under ‘Advice & Immigration Issues’ on the links page.
  • Housing: Problems with landlords, housing conditions or help with finding accommodation, contact your local councillor in the first instance.

If you still need help from your MP, please use this postcode form to check you live in the Erith & Thamesmead constituency, then contact us using the form below. If you believe you need to book an appointment with Teresa at one of her surgeries, please state this in the comments box after outlining the details of your case.


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