Teresa Pearce backs Shelter campaign calling on Mayor to improve renting in London

Teresa is urging her constituents to support Shelter’s new campaign calling on the London Mayor Boris Johnson to improve conditions for London’s renters.

Teresa, who supports greater regulation of the rented sector, wants to make sure the Mayor’s London Rental Standard consultation includes the views of people renting in her constituency and not just letting agents and landlords.

Teresa said:

“The London Mayor needs to take urgent action on the kinds of problems I know many of my constituents’ experience, such as  hidden letting agent fees, soaring rents and sub standard conditions.


“I urge everyone who rents in Erith and Thamesmead to take two minutes to tell Shelter about your experiences and how you think renting should be improved. I want to make sure the London Mayor hears the pressures people are under whilst renting in London.”

To tell the mayor about experiences with renting in London and how it should be improved, just visit http://lrs.homesforlondon.org.uk/page/s/tell-boris

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