MP wears it pink for Breast Cancer Now Fundraiser

  • Teresa Pearce MP dresses in pink to support Breast Cancer Now’s flagship fundraiser wear it pink
  • Wear it pink helps Breast Cancer Now fund vital breast cancer research and support


Teresa Pearce, MP for Erith and Thamesmead added a dash of pink to her usual attire to support Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink fundraiser, which takes place on Friday 18 October.

Since launching in 2002, wear it pink has raised over £33 million to date. Teresa Pearce MP is calling for her constituents to join her, by signing up for wear it pink and helping to make possible life-saving breast cancer research and life changing support for those affected by the disease.

Joining Teresa Pearce on the day were four Breast Cancer Now supporters who have been affected by breast cancer, including

Kate, from Worthing, was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2015. She said:

“When I was diagnosed my world turned up-side down. Secondary breast cancer means that it has spread to other parts of the body, making it incurable ― but for me it’s treatable for some time. It’s truly incredible how breast cancer treatments have advanced over the years and it really gives me hope for the future.

“It is so important that we continue to raise money, so that nobody will lose their lives to this devastating disease in the future. This is why I’m calling for everyone to take a stand against breast cancer by taking part in Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink on Friday 18 October. It’s a great way of raising vital funds for breast cancer research for the future, and care for those affected by the disease now.”

Teresa Pearce MP, said:


“Every year in the UK, around 55,000 women and around 350 men are given the devastating news that they have breast cancer. Between 2014-2016 an average of 198 women a year in Bexley CCG developed breast cancer and 177 were diagnosed in the same time frame in Greenwich CCG.


During this time, sadly 41 women lost their lives to Breast Cancer in Bexley CGG whilst in Greenwich CCG 33 women lost their lives. From 2014 -2016 screening uptake in NHS Bexley was 78.9%, whilst in NHS Greenwich CCG screening uptake was 64.2%, falling short of the 71.7% national average.  That’s why I’m encouraging my constituents to take part in Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day on Friday 18 October.  


“The money raised by this wonderful event has such a huge impact, allowing Breast Cancer Now to fund vital research and support for those living with a diagnosis. I hope that everybody will wear it pink this October and support this very important cause.”

For care, support and information from day one, call Breast Cancer Care free on 0808 800 6000 or visit  Follow them on twitter, facebook or Instagram

For more information on Breast Cancer Now’s work, visit or follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.


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Teresa Pearce MP urges local people to enter film competition

Teresa Pearce MP wants filmmakers and scriptwriters across Erith and Thamesmead to enter the prestigious FILM THE HOUSE Competition. The competition is sponsored by RT Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP, Lord Tim Clement-Jones and RT Hon John Whittingdale OBE MP.

Film the House is a competition which showcases the work of the next generation of writers and directors from across the country. The competition is open to UK based student or independent filmmakers and this year heralds the addition of the Directors UK award for Best Film Direction for under and over 16s, as well as prizes for Best Film Script and Best Short Film.

In 2018, prizes included mentoring from professionals in the film industry, a private screening of the winners’ films for friends and family and classification of the winning films and scripts by BBFC.

Speaking about the competition, Teresa Pearce MP said:

“I am very much looking forward to receiving entries from Erith and Thamesmead’s most creative and innovative filmmakers and scriptwriters. The Film the House Competition is a fantastic opportunity for young people in my constituency to show the UK, the very best they, as constituents of Erith and Thamesmead have to offer.”

 Dates for the 2019 competition are:

  • 9 September 2019: Competition launch date
  • 19 December 2019: Closing date for entries
  • 3 February 2020: Shortlist announced
  • 3 March 2020: Awards Ceremony, House of Commons, London

Categories for entry:

  • Best Film Script– under 16
  • Best Film Script – 16 and over
  • Directors UK Best Film Direction – under 16
  • Directors UK Best Film Direction – 16 and over
  • Best Short Film – under 16
  • Best Short Film – 16 and over

For the competition details please click here:

To enter the competition please visit the website:

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£30,000 Passenger Benefit Money for Abbey Wood Station


I am pleased to say that some lobbying of the Rail Minister has resulted in an allocation of £30,000 being made available for improvements at Abbey Wood station.

The allocation comes from a national £15million fund Govia Thameslink was instructed to set up as a result of unacceptable performance following the May 2018 timetable introduction.

Previously Abbey Wood station was not going to benefit from the funding, because it is not managed by Govia Thameslink. However the Government has listened to the arguments and £30,000 is now being made available for Abbey Wood.

It is now for stakeholders to prepare bids to make use of the £30,000 funding, and I hope that in due course passengers will feel that benefit.

I would like to thank the people using the station at Abbey Wood for their tolerance of the long term disruption during the station rebuild. There are still some ongoing issues, and I recently met the Deputy Chair of Crossrail at the station to press for these to be resolved as soon as possible.







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Teresa Pearce MP signs letter to the future Prime Minister regarding the unlawful imprisonment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran

Teresa Pearce along with 230 other MPs have written to both men who could be the next Prime Minister. Our message is simple. We ask that they do all in their power to bring Nazanin home.

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Teresa Pearce MP co-sponsors Eddie Hughes MP’s 10 Minute Rule Bill on Ground Rents (Leasehold Properties)


Teresa Pearce has co-sponsored a Ten Minute Bill to regulate ground rents charged on Leasehold properties. The Bill was presented to Parliament on Tuesday 25 June by Eddie Hughes MP . The purpose of the Bill is to cap ground rents to 0.1 per cent of the present value of the property (up to a maximum of £250 per year) and it also ensures that property developers would be liable to cover the legal costs of leaseholders seeking to vary certain ground rent contracts.

 You can read Eddies speech here

Teresa said:


Although 10 Minute Rule Bills are unlikely to become law, Eddie’s Bill builds on the campaign to outlaw exorbitant ground rents. It also keeps the pressure on the Government to act after the Housing, Communities and Local Government report which made the same recommendation.



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Teresa meets Guide dogs to support their campaign

Teresa Pearce MP says, “No one should be turned away because of their assistance dog”







Teresa is supporting the charity Guide Dogs campaign to tackle discrimination against guide dog owners.

Last week, more than a hundred guide dog owners came to Parliament to share their experiences. It is against the law to refuse access to a disabled person accompanied by an assistance dog except in the most exceptional circumstances. Despite this, a new Guide Dogs survey found that three out of four (76%) assistance dog owners had been turned away because of their dog.

Taxis and minicabs were the worst offenders at 73%.  Refusals at restaurants were 54%, newsagents 42% and high street shops 36%.

The  campaign calls for all taxi and minicab drivers to be required to take disability equality training. Guide Dogs also supports changes to equality legislation to make action against businesses who refuse access easier.

After the event Teresa said:

“It’s shocking to hear how common these incidents of discrimination are for assistance dog owners. No one should be turned away on their local high street because of their assistance dog. I support Guide Dogs’ Access All Areas campaign to tackle the ignorance that causes access refusals, and make sure businesses are held accountable when they occur.”

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Teresa Pearce MP signs letter to the Home Secretary urging the Government to better support the health and wellbeing of young Asylum Seekers


Teresa Pearce MP is one of the signatories on a letter delivered this week to the Home Secretary alongside Members of Parliament, civil society organisations and public figures, urging the Government to take concrete and immediate action to support the health and wellbeing of young asylum seekers in the UK.

Teresa said

“Bearing in mind the grave atrocities young adult asylum seekers have fled from, it is unfathomable that they should arrive in the UK and not receive the support they need to thrive in this society.

I am happy to support the call for government to provide asylum seeking minors with similar support as care leavers, from the moment they leave care until they reach their 25th birthday”.






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Today Southeastern announced that it has finally seen sense and is introducing Delay Repay for 15 minute delays.

This comes after many local MP’s pressured the Rail Minister during a debate on 6 March. One of the points Teresa raised with the Minister was Delay Repay saying:

“Delay Repay kicks in only if people are 30 minutes late. Under the new franchise, it will kick in if they are 15 minutes late. Does he agree that as Southeastern has opted to bid for the new franchise, it should bring in that change now?”

Although this is good news there was disappointment buried at the end of Southeastern’s Press Release with the announcement that Southeastern has been given a possible further extension of its current franchise until April 2020 – almost 18 months later than the current franchise was supposed to end.



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Teresa Pearce MP supports Erith and Thamesmead campaign for every child to join local library and share a love of reading

The Reading Agency summer reading challenge
picture shows Teresa Pearce MP for Erith and Thamesmead

Teresa Pearce MP is supporting a campaign run by charity The Reading Agency to encourage all primary school children to take part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. The Challenge launches across England and Wales on Saturday 13 July 2019.

The Summer Reading Challenge is a unique partnership between The Reading Agency and public libraries across the UK. Last year around 700,000 children took part borrowing, reading and talking about their favourite books.
This year’s theme for the Summer Reading Challenge is Space Chase, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

To take part in Space Chase, all children need to do is to head to their local library. There they will be given a special mission folder to keep track of the six library books they’ll be reading over the summer as part of the Challenge.

Teresa Pearce MP said:


“I hope parents, grandparents and carers in Erith and Thamesmead will take their children to the library over the summer to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge. It’s free, inclusive and, most importantly, makes reading fun. Last year 7707 children in Bexley and Greenwich took part. I hope we can increase that number this year and remind local libraries what a valuable asset they are to us and our community.”

The Summer Reading Challenge reaches children and young people of all ages. For pre-schoolers there is a mini challenge, while young people (aged 13 to 24) can volunteer and support younger children taking part.

For more information on the Summer Reading Challenge including how to get involved and resources for schools, go to

You can also follow the Summer Reading Challenge at and on Twitter @readingagency #summerreadingchallenge

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Teresa Pearce MP welcomes London Mayor’s opposition to the proposal to build a new waste incineration plant in Belvedere


Today the Mayor of London has made clear his opposition to the proposal from Cory Riverside Energy to build a second waste incineration plant on its site next to the River Thames in Belvedere. The proposed incinerator is called the Riverside Energy Park, because it includes proposals to generate electricity as part of the waste incineration process. The project is currently under consideration by an Examining Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate, who will make recommendations to the Government, who will then decide. This is because it is argued to be of national significance and therefore not processed through the usual planning processes run by London Borough of Bexley. Under the plans the project would start operating in 2024.

As your local MP I fully support the Mayor’s stance in opposing this development, and I have submitted written representations to the Examining Inspector detailing why the scheme should not go ahead.

Below is a summary of my representations and the Mayor’s Press Release here:

For details of the documents relating to the scheme and the processes relating to the Planning Inspectorate’s consideration of the proposal, you can visit:



I seriously question whether there is a need for more of the same waste incineration to be located in south east London and this area in particular. I regret that the Applicant has stated that “consideration of alternative sites was not deemed necessary.”


As far as I can see, the Riverside Energy Park will do nothing to encourage recycling or to reduce waste. I do not believe that it will contribute to the circular economy and does not support achieving high recycling rates. In fact, once councils buy into this scheme it is likely to suppress recycling rates in the capital.


It is counter intuitive to be increasing incineration capacity just as public opinion is forcing manufacturers and supermarkets to drastically change the way they package goods and their waste policies.


After landfill, incineration is the least environmentally friendly form of waste disposal, and the question I keep asking myself is whether the energy said to be produced by this scheme justifies the negative impact it would have on the surrounding areas.


I am concerned about the additional emissions that the new plant would generate and the effect on air quality for my constituents and those across the River Thames to where the prevailing wind carries the toxins.


The expanded incineration plant would be surrounded by three significant Opportunity Areas, which will see substantial housing expansion in the years ahead. This will create a much larger number of human receptors than the current modelling shows.


The proposed plant will be immediately adjacent to the Crossness Nature Reserve, one of the last remaining grazing marshland areas in Greater London, and the construction and operation of the REP could have a lasting negative impact on the wildlife nurtured over the past twenty years.


I question whether the proposal is viable in respect of the connection to the electricity grid, with potential transport disruption and traffic delays, and associated air quality impacts, during the laying of underground pipes along a busy road corridor.


I am concerned about important gaps in the viability of the essential combined heat and power component of the scheme. It is not clear how the £14m pipe infrastructure and £3m reserve boiler will be funded and by whom. I also have doubts as to where the demand will come from, and I am not aware of any combined heat and power projects that have come forward from the existing plant.


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