Teresa meets with Greenwich Young People’s Council (GYPC) in the House of Commons

Last night Teresa, along with Clive Efford MP and Nick Raynsford MP, met with members of the Greenwich Young People’s Council (GYPC) in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons to discuss the Parliamentary process and topical issues.

The GYPC represents young people who live and work in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Members have been elected in schools, youth clubs, by the Children in Care Council, and also by disabled young people, to give voice to the concerns of youths in the local area.

The Council meets every month to help plan events and to discuss issues effecting young people in Greenwich, and this year it has decided to focus on three subjects in particular: education; wellbeing; and mental health.

Teresa said:

“It was a privilege to meet with members of the Greenwich Young People’s Council (GYPC) in the House of Commons. I was very impressed by their knowledge of both the political process and their interest in current affairs, and I am sure they will all be very successful in the future.


This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the concerns of young people in Greenwich, and we discussed many issues, ranging from youth unemployment to body image issues and the pressures placed on girls and young women to look a certain way.


It was heartening to hear how politically engaged these young people are, and how passionately they feel about important matters. I hope to meet with them regularly in the future.”

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