Teresa responds to the Queen’s speech

Today the Queen set out the Government’s proposed legislative programme for the forthcoming year in the run-up to the General Election.

In response to the Queen’s Speech, Teresa said:

“I listened to the Queen’s Speech today with interest. I hoped that the legislative agenda for the next year would offer substantial reform to address those issues that are forcing hardworking people further into poverty. Whilst I am in favour of the introduction of a new power of recall – enabling voters to sack MPs who abuse their positions – I need to examine the detail once published to make sure it delivers the change that the public want. But having considered the programme ahead, the Government’s agenda is extremely disappointing.


There were no proposals put forward for serious reform to address serious issues, such as the cost of living crisis, the housing crisis, and the lack of jobs. Charging people for plastic bags will not enable them to create secure homes or put food on the table. The Government had the opportunity to announce a programme that would make a real difference to real people. Instead they have skirted around and ignored those issues that have the greatest impact on many people across my constituency.


The most glaring omission was that there was nothing about the NHS or the reform of the health care service. Many of us in Parliament across both parties were expecting legislation on reform of care services for the elderly. I was expecting that the Government would propose initiatives to help improve the standard of care for elderly people, and I am extremely upset that this was not acknowledged at all. Continuing to delay reform to this group of people is the cruellest delay of all, since they do not have the time to wait for standards to improve. They need to benefit from positive change now, and reform delayed is reform denied.”

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