Teresa supports RSPCA’s calls for changes in law on dog breeding and trade

Teresa with a uniformed RSCPA inspector in the House of Commons today.

Today an important debate took place in Parliament about the worrying issue of the breeding, dealing and trading in puppies and dogs.

The way people buy and sell animals has changed considerably since the legislation that regulates this was introduced, and many animal charities have serious concerns about impulsive buying.

Irresponsible dog breeding and international trading in puppies can cause many welfare problems. These include poor health for puppies and their parents at irresponsible breeding establishments. There is now also the emerging problem of many puppies being illegally imported to meet the
public demand for ‘cheap’ puppies.

With the advent of online selling the internet has become a major medium through which breeders, dealers and traders advertise and sell puppies. However, current legislation has not kept up with the new and different selling methods. Additionally, clear information is needed for consumers so they are more aware of the potential pit-falls when they look to buy a pet. This is why the puppy contract supported by a large number of animal welfare charities is a step in the right direction.

This is a complex web of issues and there is no simple solution. It is important that a holistic approach is taken and practical solutions are carefully thought through to ensure people and animals are protected.

Teresa said:

“People are unknowingly buying puppies and dogs without being aware of how they have been bred or reared, and the consequences can be tragic for the animals and people.


We claim to be a nation of animal lovers and yet man’s best friend is being treated as a simple commodity, with no consideration for their health and welfare. This is simply unacceptable.


While there is no easy solution the root causes of this problem must be addressed to have an impact. I support calls for new and improved legislation and enforcement action. I urge the Government to look at taking this forward and will continue to press them on this matter.”

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