Children at West Street Nursery make Teresa feel at home

Teresa at West Street Nursery.

The children at West Street Nursery made their own cardboard Big Ben so that Teresa would feel right at home when she visited them recently as part of Listening Week.

Listening Week was launched by the Pre-School Learning Alliance in order to promote listening culture, and to help improve listening and communication skills. As part of Listening Week, West Street Nursery invited Teresa to speak about her likes and dislikes with the children.

The aim of the week was to highlight the importance of engaging and sharing with other people. West Street Nursery invited a number of professionals to speak throughout the week to the children who are aged between two and four.

Teresa said:

“I was honoured to be invited to speak with children at West Street Nursery as part of Listening Week. It is very important that children develop good listening and communication skills from a young age.


You can learn a lot of interesting things by listening to and communicating with other people, and this will not only help them with their future studies, but enable them to learn a lot about other people, too. 


The children at West Street Nursery were very enthusiastic and inquisitive, and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the children and the staff for being so welcoming during my visit.”

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