Teresa backs campaign to end ‘revenge evictions’

Teresa is joining Shelter’s campaign to stop landlords from evicting renters unfairly, after the charity revealed the true scale of revenge evictions taking place throughout Erith and Thamesmead.

The housing and homelessness charity is calling on other politicians to follow suit and vote in Parliament on Friday 28th November 2014 to change the law to protect renters.

Research commissioned by Shelter and British Gas found that in the last year alone, 1 in 9 (11%) of renters in London were too scared to ask their landlord to fix a problem in their home for fear of being evicted.

Shockingly, 1 in 20 (5%) of renters said they had actually been evicted or served with an eviction notice because they complained about conditions in their home and, across England, over 200,000 people suffered the same fate.

Shelter is warning that the problem is only going to get worse as the housing shortage forces more people into private renting.

Teresa said:

“There’s no reason why anyone should have to choose between living in a home that puts their health and well-being in danger, or risking being evicted for asking their landlord to fix it.


We have to put a stop to revenge evictions for good. That’s why on the 28th November I will stand up in Parliament and vote to protect renters in Erith & Thamesmead from this unfair practice. I urge my fellow MPs across the country to do the same.”

Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive, said:

“It’s great news to hear that Teresa Pearce MP is committed to changing the law to protect renters in the Erith & Thamesmead area.


Every day, we hear from renters – many of them families with children – who are living with appalling conditions in their home, but too scared to ask their landlord to do anything about it.


With this bill to end revenge evictions going through parliament this month, we now have a real chance to change the law and protect renters.

By committing to vote for the Bill, Teresa Pearce MP will be helping to end this unfair practice once and for all.”

For more information on Shelter’s End Revenge Evictions please visit the Shelter website.

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