Teresa criticises Bexley Council for plans to charge kids to use Belvedere Splash Park

Teresa has criticised Bexley Council for plans to charge £1 for children to use Splash Park in Belvedere. Teresa unearthed the plans in an Equality Impact Assessment in Bexley Council’s Strategy 2014 document.

Bexley tried to introduce a charge for Splash Park back in 2007, but the proposal was defeated after a public outcry.  The Council’s latest strategy document admits that charges could have a negative impact on young people who come from families without much disposable income, but said charging “could produce an income stream to the council, and reduce Bexley’s financial commitment’.

Although the Council ruled out introducing the charge this year, they said it could still be brought in at ‘some point in the future’. The move echoes recent plans by Conservative-controlled Wandsworth Council to charge kids £2.50 to use a park, which brought widespread criticism.

Teresa has urged Bexley Council to drop plans to charge for the Splash Park, saying:

“Kids in Bexley should not have to pay to play in order to fill the gap left by Government cuts. Our parks should be free for all local kids to use and not reserved for those whose parents can afford a fee every time they visit. I urge Bexley Council to completely rule out introducing charges for Splash Park now or in the future, to give Bexley families peace of mind.”

Read more in the London Evening Standard and the Daily Mirror.

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