Teresa backs Inspiring the Future programme to widen aspirations amongst state school pupils

Teresa is encouraging people working across a diverse range of industries to speak at state schools and colleges in her constituency as part of the Inspiring the Future programme.

The programme is administered by the Education and Employers Taskforce charity and aims to widen aspirations by informing young people of the varied career routes they can take in the future. It is based on extensive research which found that school pupils benefit greatly from meeting working professionals.  Whilst young people attending leading independent schools traditionally have greater access to career talks from working professionals, this scheme aims to close the gap, giving state school students the same level of access to those following rich and varied career paths, from CEOs to apprentices.  

Supporting the scheme, Teresa said:

“It is really important that young people at state schools have the same opportunities as those from independent and public schools. I want all young people to be fully aware of the diverse range of career opportunities available to them, and to feel that they can pursue their ambitions, whatever they may be.


“I fully support this scheme and encourage employers in Erith and Thamesmead to volunteer for the Inspiring the Future programme. This programme could help many local schoolchildren to develop long-term career goals and improve their employment prospects.”

Both schools and employers can register for free. For more details about the scheme visit www.inspiringthefuture.org

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