Transport for London’s ‘Accessible App Competition’ open for entries

Transport for London (TfL) are calling on the tech-savvy to enter their new competition to simplify the accessibility and communication of public transport information around London through the creation of universally user-friendly apps.

Entrants are asked to develop travel apps that enable disabled people to easily and effectively access real-time public transport information around London. Many people are ostracised from the current systems in place because they encounter physical or communication barriers, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed with urgency.

The ‘Accessible App Competition’ aims to break-down these barriers by focussing on the needs of these passenger group. Entrants can focus on an app for one particular group, or one that addresses the needs of several groups. For example, blind or partially sighted passengers, deaf or hearing impaired passengers and those with learning or motor difficulties could all benefit from the innovative use of phone functions, good design and useful features to access TFL’s services.

Similarly, older people who find conventional transport information challenging may benefit from an app that simplifies the route-planning process and requires minimal interaction.

Entries must be submitted using the online application form by Friday 30th August 2013.

Teresa said:

“This competition offers an excellent opportunity for members of the public to really help improve the way disabled people, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups can travel around London and access information about public transport. I hope people across Erith and Thamesmead will consider entering the competition.”

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