Teresa supports young mothers in the House of Commons

Teresa speaking at The Young Motherhood Exhibition in Westminster on Wednesday 14th January 2015.

Teresa this week challenged the negative stereotyping and discrimination against young mothers during an event she co-hosted with Kate Green MP in the House of Commons.

Speaking at The Young Motherhood Exhibition, Teresa recounted her own experiences as a young mother and spoke frankly about how society stigmatises young mums.

The Young Motherhood Exhibition is part of the Young Motherhood Project, and is comprised of a series of photographs taken by Jendella Benson, a London-based photographer, film-maker, and writer, who wants to challenge negative stereotypes and misconceptions about young motherhood.

The event in Parliament offered a platform for honest and frank discussion about young motherhood, and what can be done to change prevailing social attitudes that result in many women feeling stereotyped and stigmatised.

During the event, Teresa said:

“I am extremely pleased to be co-hosting this exhibition in Parliament today, and I would like to commend Jendella Benson for her excellent work highlighting the challenges young mothers have to overcome as well as their impressive successes.


It is indisputable that young mothers are largely misunderstood owing to prevailing social stereotypes and negative assumptions, which are unfortunately perpetuated by the mainstream press. I was 18 when my eldest daughter was born in the 1970s, and I was a young, single mother. I know first-hand how damaging and disheartening it can be for people to judge you when you are trying your best in tough circumstances.


I glad that this subject is being discussed in the House of Commons today, and I hope this is the start of a wider conversation about the way women of all ages are stereotyped and judged by society.” 

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