Teresa backs scrapping prescriptions for long-term conditions

Teresa Pearce MP for Erith and Thamesmead has called for the scrapping of prescription charges for everyone in England with a long-term health condition. New independent economic analysis reveals that such a move could actually save the NHS millions and also improve health outcomes.

Around a third of people with long term health conditions, who have to pay for their medicine, do not pick up or take their medication due to the cost. This results in health complications, GP appointments, A&E visits, and hospital admissions.

Attending the launch of the report York Health Economics Consortium at Westminster on Wednesday 23rd May, Teresa Pearce MP said:

This is an extremely important report, highlighting a significant injustice to many people with long-term health conditions in England. Although the NHS has a list of conditions that exempt people from paying prescriptions, it hasn’t been updated since 1968.


In that time, medical progress has been astounding, and new health conditions and treatments have been discovered so it’s time to look again and ensure that people with long-term conditions are treated fairly.”

The report can be accessed via the Prescription Charges Coalition website at http://www.prescriptionchargescoalition.org.uk/economic-evaluation.html

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