Teresa pressed the Secretary of State to continue funding the Troubled Families Programme

In the Chamber yesterday Teresa pressed the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, The RT Hon James Brokenshire MP, on the need to continue funding the Troubled Families Programme after its scheduled end date next year.  

The Secretary of State answered to say he was a huge champion of the programme and of the work that it does.

After the debate Teresa said

“ I was pleased with the Secretary of States response and I sincerely hope that we can count on him to ensure that the valuable work done by this programme will not end next year “  

The Troubled Families Programme aims to improve the lives of families with multiple needs. The programme has been incredibly successful with findings showing that the scheme has improved outcomes in a host of areas, with a particular reduction in the number of children being taken into care.

Through the programme, local authorities were given funding to support almost 400,000 families. The third annual report on the programme, ‘Building Resilient Families’ found that through the scheme, more and more families were getting access to the early, practical and coordinated support that they needed, in order to overcome their complex, interconnected problems such as anti-social behaviour, mental health issues or domestic violence.

You can see more of the exchange between Teresa Pearce MP and the Secretary of State in the clip below.

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