Teresa slams decision to close local courts

Teresa red jacket

Teresa Pearce MP has today hit out at the Government’s decision to close two local courts.

Under plans announced yesterday, both Greenwich Magistrates’ Court and Woolwich County Court are to close.

8 further closures have been announced across London in plans which will see 86 courts and tribunals close across England and Wales.

The workload and hearings of Greenwich Magistrates’ Court and Woolwich County Court will be moved to Bromley County Court.

Teresa said:

“The decision to close Greenwich Magistrates’ Court and Woolwich County Court will be a disaster for local people accessing justice.


“The government has already slashed legal aid and increased court fees. Many are representing themselves because they cannot afford a lawyer.  And now victims and witnesses will have to travel much further than before, further threatening their right to local access to justice.


“Many of the cases looked into at these courts are for family matters or less serious offences.


“The Ministry of Justice say it will only take 20 minutes from Greenwich to Bromley – well that’s just not my experience. It will take longer for police to transport prisoners and longer for witnesses or victims to travel to court at greater personal expense.


I urge the government to reconsider these proposals. You cannot put a price on fair access to justice for all.”

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