Teresa joins call for Pension Credit to be extended to WASPI women


teresa-pearce-mpTeresa today welcomed Labour proposals to help end the plight of the tens of thousands of women abandoned to live in poverty by the Tory Government’s changes to their state pension age.

The Government’s changes have affected 2.6 million women, who would have retired under the 1995 Pensions Act.

Under the plan, Pension Credit will be extended to those who were due to retire before the pension age increase of the Conservative-led Coalition Government. This would alleviate the worst of the impacts for the most vulnerable women, and restore some of the dignity many of them feel they have been robbed of.

Speaking about the proposals, Teresa said:


“The lack of notice given to 1950s women regarding changes in the state pension age by the Government has left many facing real hardship. It is vital that action takes place now, to end the hardship faced by women in Erith and Thamesmead who have worked all their lives, but find that they cannot retire as planned.


“It was disappointing that the Government did nothing to help affected women in this week’s Autumn Statement. The government has completely failed to act to address the plight of these women. I call on the Government to address the concerns that are being raised by thousands of women up and down the country by implementing Labour’s proposals.”


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