Teresa Pearce MP backs CLIC Sargents’ #CancerCosts campaign

Teresa Pearce, MP for Erith and Thamesmead is backing a petition calling on the government to create a Young Cancer Patient Travel Fund, so that families won’t have to worry about mounting travel costs during the treatment of their child.

Teresa said, “Cancer in children and young people can devastate families – emotionally, physically and financially. Not only do families have to deal with cancer, they also have to deal with mounting travel costs.

The charity CLIC Sargent are pushing for the government to help those families and I am supporting that call”.

Research carried out by CLIC Sargent shows that on average young cancer patients face 60-mile round trips, to get treatment which can cost up to £180 a month.

Teresa is asking constituents to support the campaign and sign the petition. You can find the petition here: https://campaign.clicsargent.org.uk/petition/ahdlfmVtYWlsLWNhbXBhaWduLXN5c3RlbXI1CxIMT3JnYW5pc2F0aW9uGICAgICAgIAKDAsSCFBldGl0aW9uIg5jYW5jZXJfY29tbXV0ZQyiASNjbGljc2FyZ2VudC5hY3Quc2l4YW5kdHdvdGhyZWVzLmNvbQ

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