Teresa Pearce MP welcomes NHS decision to help tens of thousands more people with type 1 diabetes

NHS England has announced that from April 2019 the Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system will be made available across the Country.

The monitoring system, works via a sensor attached to the skin, allowing people to check their blood sugar levels by using the device with a portable reader or a smartphone app. It reduces the need for finger-prick blood tests, helping people with diabetes to manage their condition.

The Freestyle Libre monitoring system was made available on the NHS last November. Although 20-25% of type 1 diabetes patients in England qualified for the sensor, it is thought only around 3-5% had access. Decisions on whether to make the system available have been taken by local Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Teresa Pearce MP said:

“Today’s announcement is very good news for tens of thousands of people across the Country managing Type 1 diabetes. I would like to pay tribute to Diabetes UK and for their campaigning on this issue.”

“On behalf of my constituents managing this condition, I sincerely hope that local Clinical Commissioning Groups will make sure the previous postcode lottery is ended and those eligible type 1 diabetes patients gain access to this important new monitoring system.”

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